Svinga for children is a place to be wild,and a place to be quiet.. The simplicity of the design allows children to dictate how they want to use svinga. There is no right or wrong way to use it.
The size is designed for children. Grownups will definitely find it uncomfortable.

Svinga was selected for “International Design Yearbook 2004”.

svinga hanging chair. Ikea/PS 2003
manufacturer. Ikea of Sweden 2003


The bed is extendable, so it can be pulled out as your child grows.The safe guard in the sides of the bed refers to the sun in the corner of small childrens drawings.

minnen l adjustable bed
manufacturer. Ikea of Sweden 2003


Blåmes is a high chair for children made of birch. The beam in the front can be dismounted for extra space as the child grows.

blåmes l high chair
manufacturer. Ikea of Sweden since 1996


Kura is a bed for children made in pine and lacquered sides.
The bed can be turned over: it can be a
high bed with a den under or it can be a low bed.

kura l bed
manufacturer. Ikea of Sweden since 2002

kura diy

The starting point for this bed was to design a den, simple enough to be a invitation for creative play and DIY projects of all forms.
As designers, it has brought us great joy to see that idea brought to life in many unique variations.”


Lättsam is a tub for the baby. The edges
are rounded, the sides are high and comes with a soft anti-slip protection on the bottom. All this is to protect the child. The tub is provided with slide protectors, so it will stand steady. The “sides” of the bottom are angled to make emptying easy. The design is simple, so Lättsam can be used as a wash-tub later on.
The tub is made of polypropylene plastic
and synthetic rubber which makes it suitable for recycling.

lättsam l bathtub
manufacturer. Ikea of Sweden since 2000


småbit l knife & peeler
manufacturer. IKEA of Sweden - 2016

legaard & christensen,, Copenhagen.