IKEA Foundation helps UNICEF bring the gift of play to children affected by emergencies around the world.

mula l shapesorter
manufacturer: IKEA of Sweden - 2014

wooden toys

Age appropiate toys, for children from 3 months to 3 years, designed to be on display when not in use.

wooden toys l 2006


& träning

Join the circus
The juggling set is made to encourage children to play more - alone and together. Juggling helps children concentrate and be in the moment. The balls, rings and clubs can be used in different ways. The clubs are sized for children, they are soft and friendly, but still they have the right weight and balancing point to learn juggling.

Gunggung is made to encourage children in all ages to move more.
The swing can be used in several ways. small children can swing quietly, older children can be more acrobatic in the swing. It is made of a soft, friendly material that embraces the child, at the same time it is strong and supportive in the design.

gunggung & träning l swing & juggling set
manufacturer: IKEA of Sweden - 2014

årets barnmöbel - family living
foto. Hannes Söderlund


Wooden toys for children up to three years. The toys are age-appropriate in terms of both safety and function. It stimulates the child's development at different ages.
And it's designed to be shown up, even when the child does not play with toys

pekabue l wooden toys
manufacturer: Maki - 2007

legaard & christensen,, Copenhagen.